Opsite Waterproof Dressings

  • All in one dressing with a transparent film and highly absorbent pad
  • Keeps the wound clean and provides a bacterial barrier, which helps to reduce the risk of secondary infection
  • Easy application due to the dressing's simplistic design
  • Low adherent absorbent dressing pad
  • Creates a waterproof and bacteria-proof seal around the wound
  • Available in an assortment of sizes
Code Product Name Man. Code Size (cm)  
D4465 Opsite Plus Waterproof Dressings, 6.5x5cm (Pack of 25) 5x5cm
  1+ Units £26.45 (excl. VAT)
D4464 Opsite Plus Waterproof Dressings, 9.5x8.5cm (Pack of 20) 9.5x8.5cm
  1+ Units £41.95 (excl. VAT)
D4628 Opsite Flexigrid Waterproof Dressings, 6x7cm (Pack of 100) 6.7cm
  1+ Units £81.15 (excl. VAT)
D4964 Opsite Flexigrid Waterproof Dressings, 12x12cm (Pack of 10) 12x12cm
  1+ Units £37.00 (excl. VAT)
Opsite Plus Waterproof Dressings are easy to apply, transparent dressings complete with thick highly absorbent pads. This enables them to minimisie the number of dressing changes whilst protecting the wound from further injury. The dressings keep the wound clean and provide a bacterial barrier, helping to reduce the risk of secondary infection. Opsite Waterproof Dressings promote faster healing than conventional dry dressings by creating a moist wound environment. They are impermeable to water and body fluids, which allows the patient to bathe and shower without having to remove the dressing.
  • Manufacturer: smith&nephew

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