Bioguard Medical Hand Scrub & Dispenser

  • Suitable for everyday eyes
  • 500ml pump action bottle, with 5 litre refill option or wall dispenser with 1 litre pouch
  • High integrity hand wash with surgical grade disinfection
  • Recommended for medical applications such as pre-operation hand prep, dental hand prep and general practice surgery prep
  • Contains plant based and cosmetic grade moisturises that assist in reducing skin irritation associated with regular hand washing
Code Product Name Man. Code Size (cm)  
M6107 Bioguard Medical Hand Pump Dispenser, 500ml
  1+ Units £7.75 (excl. VAT)
M6808 Bioguard Medical Hand Scrub Refill, 5 litre
  1+ Units £24.45 (excl. VAT)
K6808L1 Bioguard Medical Hand Scrub Dispenser 29x13x9cm
  1+ Units £11.55 (excl. VAT)
M6808L1 Bioguard Medical Hand Scrub Pouch, 1 litre
  1+ Units £8.00 (excl. VAT)
Bioguard Medical Hand Scrub has been independently tested to British and European Standards BS EN 1276 and is effective against 1000's of viruses, bacteria, mycobacterium and spores. Bioguard Medical Scrub is ideal for high risk environment being the professional's choice since the early 1990s. It is widely used in clinical facilities, including mortuaries and testing labs. The scrub is formulated to prevent skin irritation or unusual sensitivity. It contains cosmetic-grade plant-based ingredients that assist in replacing the skin oils and lipids, enhancing skin conditioning and moisture. Bioguard Medical Hand Rub has a Superior cleaning action means you use up to 30% less product per scrub, compared to traditional alternatives. The scrub is proven by independent audits to be nontoxic, biodegradable and non-accumulative in the eco-system. No special procedures are required for product disposal.

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