Do you work in a high risk environment, such as metalwork or glass cutting?
Do you work in a sector identified by RIDDOR data as benefitting from training in the use of tourniquets, e.g. construction or forestry?
Is there a chance of someone receiving a serious injury resulting in catastrophic bleeding?
Are there dangerous animals or a risk of violence at your workplace?

These are all questions that you should be thinking about when completing your risk assessment to decide if your workplace requires trauma kits or supplies. Requirements for a workplace to have treatment for a catastrophic bleed, including haemostatic dressings or tourniquets, should be based on your first aid needs assessment.

The survival of a casualty following a traumatic injury is reliant on fast and effective treatment provided before the arrival of emergency services. If there is a chance of someone experiencing a traumatic injury then it is essential to have emergency first aid supplies available.

Catastrophic Bleed Kits and British Standard Critical Injury Packs

These kits from Safety Fiirst Aid provide a range of products that can be used to treat serious bleeding from a variety of injuries.

An emergency tourniquet can be used on a limb when direct pressure is not enough to restrict blood flow. The use of an emergency tourniquet can save someone’s life who is suffering from extreme blood loss from a limb. Emergency tourniquets can be quickly and easily applied, adjusted using the hook and loop strap and tightened using the windlass system allowing you to lock the tourniquet in place at the desired pressure. Tourniquets should always be applied and removed by someone who has received training in their use as incorrect use can have serious consequences. We supply both Water-Jel HV90 Emergency Tourniquets and C-A-T Tourniquets.

Haemostatic dressings (including Adhesive Haemostatic Dressings and Chito-Sam Dressings) are designed to stop lethal bleeding fast by working independently to the body’s normal clotting process.

Trauma dressings are highly absorbent dressing pads designed to absorb 10 times their own weight in exudates. Pressure can be applied and maintained quickly to a bleeding wound by easily securing the dressing with the velcro-style fastening allowing pressure to be maintained for as long as required. HypaCover Trauma Dressings are available in two different sizes.

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Emergency trauma kits

Emergency trauma kits provide essential supplies required to treat multiple casualties following a major incident.

As well as the emergency tourniquets, haemostatic dressings and trauma dressings discussed above, the trauma kits include a range of supplies for treating more standard injuries. This includes foil blankets, instant cold packs, a British Standard Compliant First Aid Kit, a Burn Stop Kit and a Body Fluid Disposal Kit.

The Professional Trauma Kits also include items that should only be used by trained persons:
  • SAM chest seals are designed to treat open chest wounds. The chest seals conform over the wound with a strong adhesive that works despite the presence of blood, sweat, hair or sand. The Chest Seal Combo Pack contains a seal with and a seal without a valve providing you with an occlusive seal and a with a one-way air flow from the chest
  • The Ambu Adjustable Collar assists with maintaining the neutral alignment, preventing lateral sway and anterior-posterior flexion and extension of the cervical spine. The adjustable collar has a comprehensive sizing system for accurate fit of a casualty
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If you would like to enquire about First Aid Training Courses that can be tailored to focus on the use of trauma first aid supplies like tourniquets please contact our training team Safety First Aid Training by calling 0845 872 0138 or email