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Facilities Equipment

We provide a huge range of facility equipment and supplies to meet every need in your workplace, from entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, to warning and traffic cones, warning and anti-slip tapes, to barriers, PPE storage units and cigarette bins. Each are of high quality and provide a greater visibility to prevent hazards.
Perry Whistle Perry Whistle £1.90 (Ex VAT)
Neats Nappy Bags Neats Nappy Bags £3.95 (Ex VAT)
Nappy Bags Nappy Bags £6.95 (Ex VAT)
Line Marking Paint, White Line Marking Paint, White £7.95 (Ex VAT)
Caution Cleaning In Progress Caution Cleaning In Progress £10.70 (Ex VAT)
Caution Wet Floor Caution Wet Floor £10.70 (Ex VAT)
Key Cabinet, 60 Key Cabinet, 60 £37.15 (Ex VAT)
Nappy Bags Nappy Bags £38.25 (Ex VAT)
Mini-Megaphone Mini-Megaphone £56 (Ex VAT)
Megaphone Megaphone £86.50 (Ex VAT)