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Antiseptics, Creams & Sprays

Even small wounds can become infected with bacteria, turning a minor injury into a serious medical issue. Our range of antiseptic creams and liquids allow wounds to be thoroughly cleansed before the application of a sterile dressing. They protect against infection by killing bacteria around the wound and can help relieve pain and soreness. Our wound cleansing products include Cetrimide cream and antiseptic creams and liquids from leading brands like Savlon, TCP and Dettol.
E45 Cream E45 Cream £4.30 (Ex VAT)
30g Antiseptic Cream 30g Antiseptic Cream £3.50 (Ex VAT)
100g Antiseptic Cream 100g Antiseptic Cream £7.55 (Ex VAT)
Cetrimide Cream Cetrimide Cream £2.95 (Ex VAT)
15g Savlon Antiseptic Cream 15g Savlon Antiseptic Cream £2.75 (Ex VAT)
Savlon Healing Gel Savlon Healing Gel £7.85 (Ex VAT)
Savlon Bite & Sting Gel Savlon Bite & Sting Gel £7.65 (Ex VAT)