Melolin Dressings

  • Low adherent, low absorbent wound dressing helps draw exudates away from the wound
  • For heavier wounds use as a contact layer beneath secondary absorbent pad
  • Film surface helps prevent pad from sticking to the wound surface and minimises trauma for casualty upon removal
  • Individually wrapped and sterile
  • Use dressing retention sheets or microporous tape to hold dressing in place
  • Ideal for abrasions, superficial cuts and lightly exuding wounds
Code Product Name Man. Code Size (cm)  
D4961 Melolin Dressings, 5x5cm (Pack of 5) 5x5cm
  1+ Units £4.65 (excl. VAT)
D4955 Melolin Dressings, 5x5cm (Pack of 100) 5x5cm
  1+ Units £43.65 (excl. VAT)
D4962 Melolin Dressings, 10x10cm (Pack of 5) 10x10cm
  1+ Units £7.65 (excl. VAT)
D4956 Melolin Dressings, 10x10cm (Pack of 100) 10x10cm
  1+ Units £83.30 (excl. VAT)

Melolin Dressings can be used on their own to dress dry sutured wounds, superficial cuts and abrasions, and other lightly exuding lesions. The dressing can also be used as the primary wound contact layer for more heavily exuding wounds. The plastic film prevents the dressing adhering to the surface of the wound, and is perforated to allow the passage of fluids from the wound into the body of the pad. The film also minimises trauma for casualty upon removal. Melolin Dressings should be used with caution in the treatment of leg ulcers that produce copious quantities of very viscous fluid that can become trapped under the dressing. The frequency of change depends entirely upon the nature and condition of the wound. Melolin Dressings are individually wrapped and steam sterilised.

  • Manufacturer: smith&nephew

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