HypaClens Sterile Eye Wash is intended to be used to flush out eyes which have been contaminated with small particles, chemicals or liquids. The HSE advises that in these situations, the eye should be flushed continuously for at least 10 minutes with either clean running water or sterile fluid from a sealed container – which is exactly what HypaClens Sterile Eye Wash is.

Eyes are sensitive organs and can be easily damaged if contaminants aren’t removed promptly. The goal of flushing the eye for at least ten minutes is simply to wash away all traces of the harmful or irritant materials which have contaminated the eye. In some circumstances, it may not be feasible to do this with clean running water. This may be because there is no nearby source of clean water, or because it’s not practical or even possible for the casualty to run their eye underneath it, which can easily be the case with many taps. Sterile eye wash is a safe alternative to clean running water.

Bottles of HypaClens Sterile Eye wash are designed for this emergency medical use. In order to meet HSE requirements, the bottle must be sealed before use, otherwise its sterility cannot be guaranteed. Use of non-sterile liquid would pose a risk of infection to the eye. This means HypaClens Sterile Eye Wash is designed as a single-use product which cannot be resealed.

As flushing for at least ten minutes would require a large volume of eyewash, we sell it in 250ml and 500ml bottles. Our eyewash stations are intended for casualties to begin treatment quickly whilst a sufficient source of clean running water or more supplies of sterile eye wash can be provided. However, 20ml eyewash pods for non-emergency use are available for situations where a smaller amount of eyewash is sufficient. If any eyewash is left in the pod or bottle after use, this should be discarded.

Please be aware that HypaClens Sterile Eye Wash is a medical device for first aid use and is not intended to be a day-to-day eyewash for soothing dry eyes, relieving discomfort from dust, pollen or other allergens, or for use with contact lenses. Our eye wash is a sterile saline solution which is free of alcohol, plant extracts or preservatives.

HypaClens Sterile Eye Wash bottles and pods are manufactured with blow fill seal moulding, ensuring sterility. The bottle is designed so that it is impossible to reseal once activated. During use, direct the flow of eyewash from the inside corner of the contaminated eye to the outside, positioning the head so that the eyewash runs off the face and away from the other eye. The bottle can be squeezed to regulate flow.