Heat Gels, Sprays, Wheatbags

These heat treatments can provide relief to aching muscles and chronic injuries or pains, like back pains or delayed-onset muscle soreness.
Deep Heat Spray, 150ml Deep Heat Spray, 150ml £8.35 (Ex VAT)
Deep Heat Rub 100g Deep Heat Rub 100g £9 (Ex VAT)
Deep Heat Patch Deep Heat Patch £11.65 (Ex VAT)
Deep Heat Rub 67g Deep Heat Rub 67g £6.40 (Ex VAT)
Multi Purpose Wheat bag Multi Purpose Wheat bag £12.50 (Ex VAT)
Muscle Jel Pump Bottle Muscle Jel Pump Bottle £37.40 (Ex VAT)
Muscle Rub Muscle Rub £2.85 (Ex VAT)
Sports Balm Sports Balm £6.35 (Ex VAT)