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The Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 states "that employers should provide a suitable first-aid room where the assessment of first aid needs identifies this as necessary". It is usually necessary in larger premises or where there are higher hazards present. The first-aid room should be easily accessible and a designated person should be given responsibility for supervising it and ensuring supplies are maintained. If possible, this first-aid room should be resevered for the purposes of first aid. 

The room should:
  • Contain essential first aid supplies and equipment 
  • Be large enough for an examination couch
  • Have washable surfaces, adequate heating, ventilation and lighting
  • Ideally, have a sink with hot/cold running water
  • Be kept clean, tidy and accessible at all times when employees are at work
  • Be positioned as close as possible to a point of access for transport to hospital
  • Be clearly signposted and identifed 

Outside the first aid room there should be adequate signage. This should include; a sign advertising that this is the first aid room along with the names, locations and if necessary, contact details for first-aiders. This information should also be displayed in other appropriate places around the premises. 

We offer three different types of first aid rooms dependant on your requirements: 

School First Aid Room

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Economy First Aid Room

economy first aid room, first aid room, first aid at work, workplace first aid

Standard First Aid Room

standard first aid room, workplace first aid room, first aid, first aid at work

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