There are a range of different types of wound dressings and it can be confusing to know which you should use on different injuries. Safety First Aid supply various options for wound dressing and the following information helps explain some of the core products available and when you should use them.

Which wound dressing do I need?

Sterile Dressing

A sterile, un-medicated pad on a strong conforming bandage. These dressings come in a range of sizes meaning they can treat wounds of all sizes. The pad provides a cushion for the wound and absorbs all exudates (e.g., blood, pus). The sterile dressings are held securely in place by the incorporated conforming bandage and are fantastic at providing initial protection from infection whilst en-route to hospital. Sterile dressings are vital for restocking or adding as additional items to any first aid kit and are a required item for BS 8599-1 British Standard Compliant First Aid Kits for the workplace.

Adhesive Dressings

A sterile absorbent pad with an adhesive surround. These dressings mould to your body shape meaning they will stay in place even on awkward areas like the neck, elbow or hip. Adhesive dressings are available in a range of sizes making them suitable for covering all sizes of cuts or grazes. These dressings allow a wound to breathe and heal whilst providing protection from infection. Adhesive dressings are a fantastic addition to any first aid kit.

Non-Adhesive Dressings

A sterile dressing pad without an adhesive fixing. These dressings absorb exudates without sticking to the skin meaning they cause minimal trauma to the skin when they are removed. The dressings are specially designed to draw exudates away from the wound meaning there is a reduced chance of infection in the wound. Non-Adhesive dressings can be secured to the skin by using a retention tape or microporous tape if required. Non-Adhesive dressings are suitable for use on abrasions, superficial cuts and lightly exuding wounds.

Spray on dressings

A spray method of stemming bleeding from wounds. Spray on dressings create a film layer over a wound that controls the flow of blood. Spray on dressings are an excellent alternative to material dressings creating a barrier against bacteria, helping to protect a wound from becoming infected. Spray on dressings are suitable for use on cuts, grazes and verrucas.

Trauma and Ambulance Dressings

A thick dressing pad on an elasticated bandage. Trauma and Ambulance Dressings are designed for treating severe wounds where a casualty is suffering from heavy blood loss. The elasticated bandage allows pressure to be applied to a wound whilst holding the dressing pad securely in place. The fast application of Trauma or Ambulance Dressings can stem lethal bleeding and reduce the risk of a casualty going in to shock. Trauma Dressings are vital for restocking motor vehicle first aid kits as they are now included in the contents of BS8599-2 British Standard Compliant Motor Vehicle First Aid Kits.

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