There are a wide range of plasters available to you, all with different benefits, often making it hard to know which is the right plaster for you. The following information helps to explain the different benefits and uses for a range of plasters:

Washproof plasters

Washproof plasters provide a resistance to water and are suited for use in damp conditions. They will repel a certain amount of water that they come in to contact with whilst keeping their adhesion. Washproof plasters are often found in first aid kits and are listed in the contents of a British Standard BS 8599-1 compliant first aid kit for the workplace. 

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If you require a plaster whilst working in wet conditions for example on a hand that needs to be submerged under water then a waterproof plaster would be more suitable. Waterproof plasters are required to complete extensive testing on the plasters adhesion.

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Fabric plasters

Fabric plasters provide a durable protection to wounds in dry conditions often staying attached for longer than a washproof plasters unless they come in to contact with water. Fabric plasters are breathable and stretch to conform easily with body parts.
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Blue plasters

Blue plasters are a must for catering environments. Their colour makes them visually detectable helping them to comply with food hygiene legislation. Our blue plasters are also metal detectable as they have a metal detectable strip embedded in to them. They are washproof meaning they have a good resistance to water and will stay attached when completing common cleaning processes in the food industry.

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Coverplast detectable x-ray plasters are a higher specification blue plaster as not only are they visual and metal detectable, they are also x-ray detectable making them ideal for any food processing or catering environment. They are also waterproof meaning they can withstand being submerged under water for longer periods of time than a standard washproof plaster.

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Cederroth Salvequick plasters

Cederroth have a range of plasters called Salvequick Pilferproof Plasters. These plasters come in fabric, plastic (washproof) and blue (metal detectable). Salvequick Pilferproof Plasters are stored in a dispenser which keeps the plasters clean and hygienic. The plasters are dispensed with one side uncovered meaning they are ready to use immediately and can be applied with just one hand. The dispenser also ensures that plasters are not removed from the dispenser when they are not required.

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