Tubular Bandage Applicators

  • Enables bandages to be applied quickly and easily
  • Sturdy construction with hardwearing chromium plate finish
  • Can be used for applying tubular gauze bandages as well as support bandages
  • Ideal for applying bandages over bulky dressings or bulky joints
Code Product Name Man. Code Size (cm)  
Q2060 Tubular Bandage Applicator - Metal Sugar Tong (01)
  1+ Units £9.55 (excl. VAT)
Q2133 Tubular Bandage Applicator - Plastic Sugar Tong (01)
  1+ Units £2.25 (excl. VAT)
Q2061 Tubular Bandage Applicator - Shuttlecock (01,12)
  1+ Units £18.55 (excl. VAT)
Q2062 Tubular Bandage Applicator - Size D (12)
  1+ Units £22.60 (excl. VAT)
Q2063 Tubular Bandage Applicator - Size E (34)
  1+ Units £31.55 (excl. VAT)
Q2064 Tubular Bandage Applicator - Size F (56, B-C)
  1+ Units £40.10 (excl. VAT)
Q2065 Tubular Bandage Applicator - Size G (56, 78, D-E)
  1+ Units £42.10 (excl. VAT)
Q2066 Tubular Bandage Applicator - Size H (78, F-G) Out of stock
  1+ Units £45.05 (excl. VAT)
Application of a tubular bandage can sometimes be difficult and using an applicator can make the job a lot simpler, tidier, quicker and a lot less painful. Use a Plastic Applicator, Sugar Tong or Shuttlecock for sizes 00, 01 and 12 for fingers and toes, or a chrome cage for Elasticated Tubular Bandage or Gauze Stockinet for sizes C to F on adult ankles, wrists and limbs. Slide all of the measured tubular bandage onto the outside of the cage or applicator and slip the cage over the finger, toe or limb, pull off one end of the bandage at the bottom of the knuckle or joint and slide the cage over the area to cover, while releasing the bandage slowly, get to the end, twist around on a finger or just double back on yourself to then finish where you started. Cage can be slid off, leaving the bandage on the finger, toe or limb to be secured in place with a strip of sticky tape if required, while covering a dressing or compressing a swollen or painful joint without increased pain.

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