Medical Supplies

We have a range of medical supplies which provide the basics for medical treatment and evaluation. These supplies are ideal for GPs, hospitals, private clinics, dentists, nursing homes, schools and more.
Syringes 60ml - Pack of 10 Syringes 60ml - Pack of 10 £19.50 (Ex VAT)
Multistix GP (Pack of 25) Multistix GP (Pack of 25) £19.55 (Ex VAT)
Body Bag Body Bag £20.55 (Ex VAT)
Accutrend Control Glucose Accutrend Control Glucose £22.05 (Ex VAT)
No 22 (Pack of 100) No 22 (Pack of 100) £22.80 (Ex VAT)
No10 (Pack of 100) No10 (Pack of 100) £22.80 (Ex VAT)
No11 (Pack of 100) No11 (Pack of 100) £22.80 (Ex VAT)
No15 (Pack of 100) No15 (Pack of 100) £22.80 (Ex VAT)
Omron Large Cuff Omron Large Cuff £23.60 (Ex VAT)
Omron Medium Cuff Omron Medium Cuff £23.60 (Ex VAT)
Omron Small/Child Cuff Omron Small/Child Cuff £23.60 (Ex VAT)
Syringes (Pack of 50) 20ml Syringes (Pack of 50) 20ml £24.05 (Ex VAT)
Spring Action Ring Cutter Spring Action Ring Cutter £24.10 (Ex VAT)
Syringes (Pack of 100) 1ml Syringes (Pack of 100) 1ml £24.10 (Ex VAT)
Syringes (Pack of 100) 3ml Syringes (Pack of 100) 3ml £24.10 (Ex VAT)
Urinalysis Test Strips Urinalysis Test Strips £24.85 (Ex VAT)