Medical Supplies

We have a range of medical supplies which provide the basics for medical treatment and evaluation. These supplies are ideal for GPs, hospitals, private clinics, dentists, nursing homes, schools and more.
Multistix GP (Pack of 25) Multistix GP (Pack of 25) £19.55 (Ex VAT)
Body Bag Body Bag £20.55 (Ex VAT)
Accutrend Control Glucose Accutrend Control Glucose £22.05 (Ex VAT)
No 22 (Pack of 100) No 22 (Pack of 100) £22.80 (Ex VAT)
No10 (Pack of 100) No10 (Pack of 100) £22.80 (Ex VAT)
No11 (Pack of 100) No11 (Pack of 100) £22.80 (Ex VAT)
No15 (Pack of 100) No15 (Pack of 100) £22.80 (Ex VAT)
Omron Large Cuff Omron Large Cuff £23.60 (Ex VAT)
Omron Medium Cuff Omron Medium Cuff £23.60 (Ex VAT)
Omron Small/Child Cuff Omron Small/Child Cuff £23.60 (Ex VAT)
Syringes (Pack of 50) 20ml Syringes (Pack of 50) 20ml £24.05 (Ex VAT)
Spring Action Ring Cutter Spring Action Ring Cutter £24.10 (Ex VAT)
Syringes (Pack of 100) 1ml Syringes (Pack of 100) 1ml £24.10 (Ex VAT)
Syringes (Pack of 100) 3ml Syringes (Pack of 100) 3ml £24.10 (Ex VAT)
Urinalysis Test Strips Urinalysis Test Strips £24.85 (Ex VAT)
Syringes (Pack of 100) 5ml Syringes (Pack of 100) 5ml £30.75 (Ex VAT)
Combur-9 Test (Pack of 50) Combur-9 Test (Pack of 50) £30.90 (Ex VAT)