As the Coronavirus COVID-19 surpasses 100,000 cases worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that the spread of the virus can be slowed down and even reversed if certain measures of containment and control are taken. While some of these measures include increasing research funds, others are as simple as washing your hands, not touching your face or staying home if you feel ill.


We have put together some guidelines in order to help keep our staff and customers informed on what they can do to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 as well as some information as to what a Coronavirus is.  


                          What is the Coronoavirus COVID-19


                          How to avoid the virus 


                          Protect yourself against the coronavirus  


                          How to use a face mask properly



Products in High Demand


As the demand for hand sanitiser increases by 255%, we are working closely with our raw material suppliers and our supply chain to maintain production and stock levels of those products in high demand such as hand sanitisers, antibacterial soap, face masks and hand soap.


Some of our products have suffered a delay in deliveries due to our factories being in China and the limitations imposed by other countries when it comes to exporting specific products that are required by the manufacturing country during this outbreak.



Stock levels, orders and enquires


Our stock levels are continuously changing due to the great skills of our purchasing team at sourcing new products and the high demand from our customers, which is making it very challenging for our Customer Service Team to keep everything up to date in order to provide accurate on-demand delivery dates over the phone or email.


As our phones are quite busy at the moment, the best way to place an order is via our website You will receive an automated email indicating that your order is being processed, which means we have received your order and will do our best to fulfil it. Once we have shipped your order, you will receive another email, so please bear with us until that happens or one of our Customer Service team members reaches out to you if for some reason, we are unable to do so. If due to the circumstances we cannot fulfil your order, we will refund your money.


If you have any other enquires, please reach out to us via email: it might takes us longer than usual to reply due to the amount of emails coming in, but we assure you we will, so we ask you to please be patient with our Customer Service Team.





As the demand increases and shortages happen, some companies have increased their prices.

We are holding down the prices in most of our products and trying to source those that will allow us to continue to do so while maintaining the quality our customers are used to.


As the situation evolves, we will continue to keep you updated via email or our website.


You will find the products that can help prevent the Coronavirus COVID-19 on our website.


If you have any questions, please email us at




Kind regards,

Paul Bennett Managing Director