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Tubular Support Bandages

Tubular Support Bandages are a cotton elastic bandage designed to provide lightweight support to limb injuries such as muscle strains and sprains as well as providing support for weak joints. Their elastic cotton composition means that they are comfortable to wear and will easily conform to the body part or limb that requires support.


Tubular Support Bandages allow the injured area to be supported by placing gentle, evenly spread pressure over the injured area whilst still allowing for movement of the limb or joint. The advantage they have over bandages is that they are easy to put on and remain in place without slipping or loosening and do not require securing with a safety pin or tape.


Tubular Support Bandages are available in a variety of sizes to ensure that you can get the right support for the specific limb of joint that is injured and to fit your body size. They are available in roles of 10 meters which can be easily cut to the required length or in pre-cut 1m lengths.


Tubular bandage applicators are also available. These are designed to allow the easy application of tubular support bandages especially where the bandage needs to pass over a a joint or dressing.

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