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Cederroth Plasters & Dispensers

Salvequick is a plaster and dispenser range from Cederroth. The Salvequick plasters and plaster dispenser range is a high quality solution designed to reduce pilfering. When plasters are pulled out of the dispenser one side is automatically uncovered, making the plaster ready to use and easily put on with one hand. This prevents unnecessary removal and research suggests it can reduce plaster usage by as much as 40%.

Plaster refills are available in washproof, fabric and blue detectable packs with an assortment of sizes and are also available in sterile and non-sterile varieties. This great range of plasters are a must for every first aid room.

Also available are a range of Cederroth soft foam bandages in both beige and blue colours. These are a tight fitting elastic bandage providing maximum freedom of movement whilst staying secure even in water.

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