Surface & Hand Hygiene

We offer a comprehensive range of hand and surface hygiene products including a selection of sprays, sanitisers, wipes and other cleaning products.

Effective hand hygiene is one of the easiest ways to stop the spread of germs, and is especially important for areas where many people mix, including public buildings, schools, or in the workplace. We stock a range of hand sanitisers, designed to promote healthy skin and effective protection against infections. Our own brand HypaClean sanitisers represent excellent value for money and performance and come in alcohol and alcohol free options. You can also choose options from Purell, Cutan and Deb.

Alternatively, browse our range of surface sanitising, cleaning sprays and wipes to kill germs before they make contact with anyone. Our range of products are suitable for use in offices, schools, labs, and in the home and come in both alcohol and alcohol free options.