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Accident Books

All workplaces in the UK are required to provide an accident book in order to record injuries to employees, contractors or visitors in the workplace. It is vital that the accident report book is completed in the event of an injury to record the details of the casualty, the incident that occurred and the action that was taken. These records could be called upon at any time by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and also allow employers to identify commonly occurring injuries to enable corrective action.

At Safety First Aid we offer HSE compliant accident books in both A4 and A5 formats. As well as the report forms, each accident book contains guidance notes on how to use the accident book as well as explaining which accidents need to be reported to the HSE under the RIDDOR regulations.

In addition to our accident record books, we also provide near miss log books, to record those incidents that almost result in injury, enabling a more thorough and accurate risk assessment to be performed.

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