SAM Chest Seals

  • Designed for treating open chest wounds
  • Functions as either an occlusive seal or allows one way air flow from the chest
  • Strong adhesion and flexible construction allows conformability over the wound
  • Adheres despite the presence of blood, sweat, hair and sand
  • Available with or without a valve or as a combo pack containing one of each
Code Product Name Man. Code Size (cm)  
1194 SAM Chest Seal With Valve
  1+ Units £20.55 (excl. VAT)
1195 SAM Chest Seal Non-Valve (pk of 2)
  1+ Units £25.50 (excl. VAT)
1196 SAM Chest Seal Combo Pack
  1+ Units £32.95 (excl. VAT)

SAM Chest Seals are designed to treat open chest wounds in emergency situations, only being left in place whilst the patient is transported to hospital.

SAM Chest Seals adhere to skin in all conditions even when blood, sweat, hair and sand are present. They have a strong adhesion conforming securely over an open chest wound.

Chest Seals are used by cleaning the wound area with an absorbent pad, grip tab and remove clear liner, place dressing adhesive side down centrered over the wound and press down firmly to ensure adhesion. If using chest seal with a valve lift and remove the cap for one-way valve operation.

Chest Seals are supplied in sterile packaging and are single use only.

Chest Seals are available in three options - Chest Seal with valve, Chest Seal without valve (supplied as a pack of 2) and a combo pack that contains one with a valve and one without a valve.

Manufacturer Codes:
SAM Chest Seal With Valve: CS062010
SAM Chest Seal Without Valve: CS062011
SAM Chest Seal Combo Pack: CS062014

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