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Eyewash Spray

Eyewash Spray provides a sterile saline eyewash solution that can be used repeatedly. The eyewash solution is contained in a convenient spray can turning the sterile solution in to a fine mist for maximum effectiveness. Spray bottles mean that the eyewash is contained in a sealed bag within the canister meaning the remaining eyewash solution remains sterile so the spray bottles are ideal for multiple use.

Eyewash spray is ideal for washing and rinsing eyes that have become contaminated with particles, smoke, dust or liquid. The sterile saline solution provides sensitive and moisture replenishing relief for eyes, enabling fast emergency eye care for any workplace environment. Emergency eyewash is vital for any workplace where there is a chance of dust or chemicals coming in to contact with the eye, a fast response can help to prevent permanent eye damage.

Eyewash sprays can be angled and directed so they directly target the required part of the eye and the spray means that it can provide continual irrigation for more serious issues. Eyewash spray bottles are a great add-on to your first aid kit, suitable for any workplace and are ideal for rapid response.

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