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Eyewash Bottles

Our wide selection of eyewash bottles includes a variety of sterile saline solution products ranging in size from 100ml to 500ml. They are ideal for any workplace, school, or home environment and are a necessity in areas where there is little or no access to cold, clean running water.

Our Hypaclens sterile eyewash bottles are a great product on their own, but are also ideal for refilling and restocking an eyewash kit, eyewash station or first aid kit. Should an eye emergency occur, a rapid response rinsing with our sterile saline solution bottles can reduce the risk of permanent damage to the eye. They can also be used for wound cleansing as the saline solution is 100% sterile. HSE guidelines state that at least 1 litre of eyewash should be available in the workplace at all times.

Please see below for see our full range of eyewash bottles:

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