Eyewash is an essential first aid supply in any environment where there is a potential risk of injury to the eye, including dust particles or chemical splashes. These hazards can be in working environments, including in laboratories or on construction sites; or in everyday environments, for example during cleaning tasks. 

When injury to the eye occurs, it is essential that treatment can begin as soon as possible to reduce the risk of permanent damage.

Our range includes products suitable for many different situations. Our selection of eyewash kits and eyewash stations are perfect for use in the workplace or in schools. Supported by our eyewash posters and signs they provide a highly visible and permanent location for eyewash equipment, and ensure an effective response in the event of an emergency. Meanwhile, our Cederroth eye wash stations use a unique buffered liquid designed to neutralise the eye’s pH level, eliminating the threat of any strong alkali or acids. In this section you will also find individual eyewash bottles and pods, ideal for re-stocking your first aid supply, as well as drops and ointments for eye treatment.