Body Fluid, Chemical & Sharps Disposal

When dealing with risks such as hypodermic needles, body fluids, and chemical or oil spills, it’s essential that they are disposed of responsibly and that those responsible for the clean-up are properly protected with PPE. Fortunately, our range of biohazard and chemical disposal products make it easy and safe to clear up any of these potentially hazardous materials or substances.

Our body fluid disposal products include specialist kits containing everything necessary to safely dispose of all types of spills involving vomit, urine or blood. Our HypaClean absorbent granules are designed to sprinkle over a spill, and they turn into a gel, making clear up easy.

Meanwhile, sharps disposal is made easy with our disposal kits and bins, allowing you to safely discard used needles, scalpels, or other sharps. Our sharps kits and sharps bins come in a range of sizes suitable for different scenarios, including everything from portable kits to larger sharps disposal boxes.

We also sell oil spill and chemical spill kits and products. Our chemical spill clean-up kits are suitable for most non-aggressive chemical spills (check with chemical's Safety Data Sheet), and are ideal for small spills in workplaces such as laboratories.