First Aid Survey Results


From a recent survey we carried out in September 2015 we have gathered some interesting information regarding how often people check their first aid kits and their confidence in knowing what their kit should contain. From the information that we have gathered we have created a helpful solution.

Please see a summary of our findings below:

When asked how frequently people checked their first aid supplies we found a really mixed response. The majority of people surveyed stated that they check their first aid kits monthly, this was closely followed by the next highest response of checking weekly. The third highest response was people checking their supplies less frequently than every month and finally checking fortnightly.

Although there are no set guidelines as to how frequently a first aid kit should be checked there are many products that expire due to being sterile or can become no longer fit for purpose. Depending on the size of your organisation and the level of hazard, the contents of your first aid kit can be used at a varying rate so it is vital that kits are frequently checked to ensure any products used are swiftly replaced.

We recommend that all kits are checked at least once a month to ensure contents are still fit for purpose and that damaged or used products are swiftly replaced. Your workplace risk assessment may determine that your kit be checked more frequently due to a high risk level or high frequency of use. We have a range of risk assessment packs available to purchase providing you with a fully illustrated information guide, assessment forms and step by step instructions helping you to carry out a comprehensive workplace risk assessment if required.

The contents of your first aid kit

Although the majority of people questioned said that they were confident in knowing what their first aid kit should contain, the majority also stated that it would be useful to have a checklist telling them the exact quantities of first aid supplies that should be contained in a kit. We have taken this on board and have created a free checklist that you can download here this can be printed out, carried with you and filled in when you are checking your first aid kit. The checklist shows you the contents of a first aid kit that is compliant with British Standard BS 8599-1 requirements and has a space for you to mark off the quantity that you need to reorder. This checklist should hopefully ensure that checking your first aid kit is a quick, easy and accurate process and increases your confidence that your kit is containing the correct items needed in the workplace.

We have also created a new category on our website that contains all of the individual contents required in a BS 8599-1 compliant first aid kit making it easier to order your supplies from one place click here to visit the category.

We are always looking at new ways to help you, if you have any ideas or feedback on the checklist, our products or services in general then please contact us.

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