First Aid Room


Do I need to provide a first aid room in the workplace? There is not a simple yes or no answer to this question. The need to provide a first aid room in the workplace should be based on an assessment of the organisations first aid requirements. 

Consideration to the need of providing a first aid room should be given where: 

- The activities being conducted on the premises involve higher risk activities such as where employees are working with chemicals or dangerous machinery. 

- Where there are more than 25 employees on site, even in low risk environments. 

- Where the workplace is a significant distance from medical facilities. 

Many workplaces will have multiple activates taking place on one site, for example a factory space which may be a high risk environment and office space which maybe a low risk environment. In these situations, separate assessments of first aid needs should be conducted. 

Whilst the above points provides areas for consideration it is only though conducting an assessment of their first aid requirements will employers be able to determine the need for them to provide a first aid room. 

Where it has been identified that a first aid room is required it should, where possible, be designated only for the provision of first aid with either a first aider or appointed person given the role supervising. The room should be both easy to access and clearly signposted.

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