Authority to Purchase Emergency Salbutamol Inhalers


From the 1st October primary and secondary schools in England will be given the option of keeping emergency inhalers which will be available for them to purchase without prescription. It is at the complete discretion of the school whether they wish to hold emergency Salbutamol inhalers. Schools can still allow students to store their own prescribed inhalers.

Schools must complete a Letter of Authority when ordering emergency Salbutamol inhalers, either on their own or as part of a kit. This Letter of Authority should be signed by the Head Teacher / Principal. Products can then be released without prescription.

We have provided a sample Letter of Authority below for your use. This needs to be returned to: (scanned copy can be accepted)

To download the sample letter in Word format click here.

Sample letter

[To be completed on headed school paper]


We wish to purchase emergency Salbutamol inhaler/s for use in our school/college.

The inhalers will be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and only in emergency situations where a child does not have their own inhaler or where a child’s own inhaler is not working.

Emergency Salbutamol inhalers will only be used with a single-use spacer unit with a one-way valve to prevent cross-infection after use.

I understand that parental consent must be obtained before inhalers are used and that the child must have been diagnosed with asthma and prescribed an inhaler, or have been prescribed an inhaler as reliever medication. Parents will be informed of all emergency situations where an emergency Salbutamol inhaler has been used and a letter will be sent to inform them.

I can confirm that there are adults responsible for monitoring the use of the inhalers and a record will be kept when inhalers have been used.

Please send ………… Salbutamol Inhaler/s and ………… Single-use Spacer/s.
[Insert quantities required]


Date :

Print name:
Head Teacher/Principal

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