Body Fluid Kit


An effective product against all types of Body Fluids, contains all you would need to effectively clean up after any sort of accident. Aids the effective cleaning and disinfection of the soiled area and reduces the risk of cross infection. Body Fluid Kits are available from one application to up to 12, where each application contains the same amount of contents.

Different types of Body Fluid Disposal Kits

Evolution Body Fluid Disposal Kits
Evolution Plus Body Fluid Disposal Kits
HypaClean Body Fluid Disposal Kits (1 Application)

Some of the contents included in the Body Fluid Disposal Kits are:
- Absorbent Powder - Contains disinfectant agent which helps the powder to instantly form into a gel when sprinkled over body fluid. It allows for quick and easy removal.
- Disinfectant Cleaner Spray - This product which can be used in a variety of surfaces, such as walls, floors, work surfaces, hands, skin and clothing.
- Disposable gloves - especially for hand support
- Biohazard Disposal Bag- Highly visible printed bags for disposal of medical and clinical waste

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