Increased hand hygiene can reduce the spread of Ebola and control the risk of infection


In West Africa over 4400 people are reported as having died from the virus and the total number of reported cases exceeds 8000, it is crucial to prevent the spread of Ebola.

Ebola virus is spread via direct contact through broken skin, the mouth, nose, blood, vomit or other bodily fluids and is not airborne.

The threat of Ebola to the UK is increasing, with a small number of cases expected to reach the UK before Christmas. Airport screening has already began at Heathrow Airport and is expected to be extended to Gatwick and Eurostar very soon.
Whilst Ebola is extremely contagious and high risk if contracted, the virus is a single-stranded, enveloped virus. This means that the virus can be easily disrupted by using sanitising products that are virucidal, for example HypaClean Foam Hand Sanitiser. Hand sanitising is one element in reducing the spread and controlling the risk of the Ebola virus. The HypaClean Foam Hand Sanitiser product has proven virucidal capabilities and has been tested against much more difficult to kill viruses. HypaClean Foam Hand Sanitiser provides you with an easy and safe to use product combined with high levels of disinfection performance, reducing risk to the end user exposed to a virus.

Hand sanitising is one part of the process in helping to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus, if an infected droplet gets directly on to skin it can be immediately removed with a sanitising product meaning a reduced risk of contracting the disease.

High levels of hand hygiene is crucial in reducing the spread of the Ebola Virus and as such reducing the chances of infection.

A range of sanitising products are available from Safety First Aid to assist with cleaning and disinfecting yourself and your environment. These include:

Hand Hygiene

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Hand and surface hygiene

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