The benefits of alcohol free hand sanitiser


Many people when looking to buy hand sanitiser automatically opt for an alcohol hand sanitiser product. However, did you know there are many benefits for choosing an alcohol free hand sanitiser instead?


  • Our alcohol free hand sanitisers are effective against a wide range of Micro-organisms as they are both virucidal and bactericidal. Many alcohol hand sanitisers are only bactericidal so these alcohol free hand sanitisers can provide a more comprehensive sanitisation.
  • Alcohol free hand sanitisers are friendly to the skin reducing the risk of irritation and sensitisation. They are safe for surfaces including fabrics and soft furnishing and should not stain your clothing if spillage occurs.
  • Alcohol free products are much less toxic than those containing alcohol. This means that if they were to be accidentally ingested they would be less harmful to the body. This makes alcohol free sanitisers the obvious choice for higher risk environments including those with children, hospitals and prisons.
  • Certain religions do not allow the use of alcohol hand sanitisers. Alcohol free hand sanitisers enable anyone to have effective hand sanitisation whilst complying with their religion.

EN 1500

Our Hypaclean alcohol free hand sanitiser is independently proven to EN 1500. The EN 1500 test compares the efficiency of a hand sanitiser against a test organism of E.Coli on the hands of 12 volunteers. The efficiency results are confirmed by a comparison test using a 60% ethanol solution. For the product to pass the test it must be at least as effective at killing the organisms as the ethanol is. HypaClean foam hand sanitiser was tested to be more effective than the ethanol solution.

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