Report And Record Accident In The Workplace


It is important of employers to ensure that accidents in the workplace are recorded, even if the accidents are relatively minor. 

The information contained in accident records are an important input into your workplace risk assessment. Accident records of even minor accidents will help an employer to identify potential risks and eliminate or minimise those risks in the workplace. 

First it is important to make sure that your employees understand the why and how accident should be reported and recorded. Safety First Aid has designed an Accident Reporting guidance poster which you can display in your workplace. This will help to explain how and why employees should report accidents in the workplace. 

Second it will help significantly if you make accident report books readily available and visible around your workplace. The easier an employer makes it to record an accident, the higher the reporting rate will be. Safety First Aid recommends having several accident books strategically located around your workplace. It makes sense to have them located close to your first aid kits and equipment. 

The A4 Safety First Aid accident book can be mounted on the wall using the Accident Book Wall Holder. As well as helping to ensure that accident books are highly visible and readily available, the Accident Book Wall Holder also has a hand indicator which clearly highlights that an accident book is missing; once it has been removed from the holder. This helps to ensure accident books are returned to their correct location immediately after use.

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