2015 Parliamentary update on Accident Books


By law all businesses must have an accessible accident book if they have 10 or more employees. All accidents to employees and visitors must be recorded. However, according to Parliaments Early Day Motion 441 on Accident Books it has been highlighted by The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers that there are frequently issues for employees regarding accident books.

They state that issues include employees being told:

  • That the accident book cannot be found (meaning no form will be completed)
  • That the accident book will be ‘completed at a future time’ (potentially leading to inaccurate recording or the accident not being recorded)

These issues raise concerns over a reduction of safety in the workplace and individuals who have been injured in the workplace being prevented from accessing justice without the accident book record.

Our solutions

Accident Book Station

Safety First Aid have a fantastic solution to the issue of accident books becoming lost or inaccessible. We previously identified the problem of accidents books not being made accessible to employees and implemented a solution. Our Accident Book Station is a clearly labelled wall bracket ideal for storing your accident book, ensuring it is clearly visible and easy to access following an accident. Accident Book Stations are recommended to be situated near your first aid kit meaning they are at hand when an accident or injury occurs.


Accident book guidance pages

Accident Book

We produce both A4 and A5 sized Accident Books, these provide you with a quick and easy system to record all accidents in the workplace. The Accident Books have easily removed, perforated sheets to aid compliance with the Data Protection Act  and an introduction giving information and comprehensive guidance on the recording of accidents at work. A4 Accident Books have space to record 53 incidents, A5 Accident Books have space to record 26 incidents. The A5 Accident Book can often be suitable for fitting inside your first aid kit ensuring it is close to hand following an incident. Also available is the A4 Pupil Accident Book specifically designed for recording accidents in schools and colleges.

Accident Book Folder

Once records are completed and removed from the book they can be easily stored in our Accident Book Folder. The folder provides a quick and easy method for cataloguing and referencing completed accident report forms. This ensures that if a form needs to be referred back to, it is a simple process. The Accident Book Folder helps you to comply with the Data Protection Act as it ensures all completed forms are stored safely together and can easily be stored safely away from the public. Completed accident report forms can be used as a key data source when completing a future risk assessment of the workplace, if all records are kept together this is a quick and simple process. 

We also supply a full Accident Report Solution – this contains 2 x A4 Accident Book, 1 x Accident Folder and 1 x Accident Book Station. 

Accident Reporting Poster

Our Accident Reporting Poster provides you with clear step-by-step guidance and full colour illustrations covering a range of topics. The poster includes information on recording an accident, using an accident book and RIDDOR.


Fire safety solutions

Also available in our range is a Fire Safety Log Book and Log Book Holder. The log book ensures all critical fire safety information is stored in one place and procedures, testing and maintenance are all recorded. The Fire Safety Log Book Holder provides an effective solution for storing Fire Safety Log Books ensuring it is easily identifiable with its clear header.

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