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Powerheart AED Unit & Accessories

Cardiac Science manufacture advanced automatic and semi-automatic Powerheart defibrillation units, designed to deliver a life-saving shock to a casualty suffering a cardiac arrest, and to assist the user in carrying out CPR.

The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED offers reliability, simplicity and reassurance by completing daily, weekly and monthly self-testing to ensure the unit is always ready for use. The G5 is available in both fully automatic and semi-automatic models. Its medical-grade battery comes with a 4-year full operational guarantee, while the unit itself has an 8-year warranty. The unit provides step by step voice guidance customised to different user expertise levels and only delivers a shock to a casualty if it is required. It automatically delivers escalated higher-energy shocks when needed, and is equipped to provide real-time CPR feedback for a complete resuscitation response.

The Powerheart range includes G5 defibrillators and accessories and G3 accessories. AED accessories include spare batteries, defibrillation pads, carry cases, wall brackets and wall mounting cabinets.

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