Lifeline Defibrillators

Lifeline Defibrillators are lightweight and designed for speed of operation. Their simple design reduces confusion and can easily be operated by non-medical personnel. There is no lid or moving parts to the device making it easy to access in an emergency. The Lifeline AED is available in both automatic and semi-automatic models. The automatic AED does not require the user to press a button to deliver the shock, the AED will deliver a shock itself if it determines that one is required. The semi-automatic model allows a shock to be delivered by the user pressing a shock button following the defibrillators instruction. The semi-automatic AED has a 2 button control making the operation simple and straight forward.

Accessories are available to purchase alongside your defibrillator including replacement batteries and electrode pads. A range of wall mounting brackets and cabinets can be purchased to keep your defibrillator safe and displayed in a prominent position.

Training AEDs are also available as well as training AED pads. Training AEDs provide a realistic training experience for users of an AED. Practicing on a training AED can help to increase the user’s knowledge and confidence should a real emergency arise.